In my book, I put it that parenting is the most impactful venture one can undertake. GOD counts on us to do it right. Our Knowledge gives power to walk in wisdom.

Heritage And Reward of GOD

An Heritage of GOD as children are is expected to  headlines to announce different sections of your story. Consider writing your content in a personal tone, in the same way you might talk to someone sitting across from you at a restaurant.

Your Input To The World

The Human Soul is the True Riches of the Kingdom. Worth more than the whole world. History is witness that in each human soul lies an infinite potential which if well nurtured and harnessed has the capacity to turn the tide of nations and the world at large around. Every life is a transfer of value and resources from eternity into time. The seeds are always good as from the Maker. However, the nurture and culture that raises these good nature in children impacts on the quality and quantity of fruits the world harvests from them. This should not be taken with levity

Your Inheritance To Your Grandchildren

It is not enough to have material possession and valuables to pass on. There is an obligation to present our children as gifts, bequeathed to our children’s children. The kinds of children you raise impacts the kind of parent they will have. And this can either make or mar the destinies of these innocent ones. Are you mindful of this. Don’t pass on the buck like generations that mortgaged their descendants to fetish causes in exchange for wealth, power and other mundane things.  Choose like David to leave a Legacy of Mercy and not like Solomon and Hezekiah who opened their descendants up for a split throne and slavery respectively.

Not every parent has the requisite skill to manage the inquisitiveness of a child, the delinquency of the teenager and exuberance of the youths. Thus we must learn the needful and our approach must be dynamic.

At childhood, inquisitiveness is proof that a child wants to learn about life and trusts you to put him or her through. If you loose this opportunity to instill right values which will inform the child’s later decisions, society, media and the devil will take it up to your regret and a loss to the world. Education n values is key here!

A teenager’s delinquency is often as a result of transition from childhood to adulthood. A sense of awareness, responsibility and respect is beginning to crush the insensitivity. Value is shifting from just having to identity. How he or she is perceived and respected goes a long way. It is time to challenge the icon in them and reassure them when they fall that mistakes are part of growing. Don’t demand too much, else they will avoid you. This phase is pivotal to their overall becoming.

With Youthfulness comes a great deal of exuberance as proof of passion, commitment and passion to accomplish. There is the tendency to try out many new things out of which they will flow with their abilities and desires forged from childhood. Help them handle their failures right. Help them discover themselves in GOD’s program for their lives. This is the best time to set their feet pursuing the right paths. If you keep shutting or talking them down, they will find those who will jeer them on. Often, these are in the wrong ways. This is where many woe began. You cant afford to be lazy about research, partnership, conversation etc as a friend.… more


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