Looking at the many disorder and failures in the lives of a majority today, the creation MAN is often perceived as a Failed Project. For many, low self esteem, inferiority, regrets, shame and depression have overwhelmed them due to the many failures, rejection, abuse, divorce etc. It has altered their perception of themselves and others. But should this be so?

No! Man is not a failed experiment in GOD’s hand. The name Adam (Man, rudy, fiery) was given in the light of his maiking. With GOD, as well as Hebrew, names are prophetic, indicating the future. Adam was given that name because of the Glory of his future. So was Eve. But they fell and fell short?

Yes! But GOD didn’t withdraw that name as HE withdrew Lucifer’s. Why? Because the name still speaks of the future of Man. Eve still became the Mother of All Life. Glory!

Man is the Crown of GOD’s Creation. And you are factored into that name. You are precious and priceless. Your future is predefined and in GOD. And you can still become all that GOD has ordained you to be. Your destiny in GOD precedes and outweighs whatever unpleasant circumstance and state you find yourself in.

I will yet pardon Jacob and choose Israel.– Is 14:1-5.

Yes, your marriage failed, you are still called. Perhaps the enemy made it so in order to attack and compromise your destiny. Choose to rise against GOD.

That is why GOD sent Christ to lead us into that Glorious Future be the help of the Holy Spirit. Jesus modeled too us how to leverage and actively participate with The Holy Spirit  to access and appropriate our position and provision in GOD.



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