I welcome you beloved on this glorious destiny ride into the progressive revelation of the Person, Purpose and Provision of GOD for Man. As we set our hearts on pilgrimage, GOD will take us into deeper intensities of Light. I mean from Sunlight to Menorah and ultimately Shekinah.

We shall encounter the Express Image of The Son as revealed by The Spirit of Truth.

Photizo implies The Light made Manifest, In speaking, the revelation of Jesus as the Light of Men is captured in the Saints who are in turn The Light of The World. There is no dispute to that but why is it that darkness seems to be running the show? Simple, The Light SHINNETH in darkness and darkness comprehended it not. The beauty of Light is that it SHINES, No bushel, no hiding. SHINE!

PHOTIZO is a kingdom Instrument by which the Saints will come to encounter CHRIST untainted and become as HE is. Thus, every bushel  that covers your Light is destroyed even as the Holy Spirit leads us on and sets us on the Hill Top. Henceforth, your Light shall not be hidden again in Jesus name. Arise, Shine in Jesus name. Amen!

Thank you for staying on with me. 


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