Yes! It is simple, legit and straightforward how many are earning $1k, $10k, $100k and more every month from Google without fear of SARS. Legitimate Income!. And interestingly, it happens every month. The 21st day of the month to be precise. And I like that you understand how it works.

Before I go on, I like you to please return to read up on the following from Google’s official and partners’ websites for better understanding:

  1. Google’s Official Publication on Google Admob
  2. Revenue Calculator. How much can you earn with Google Admob? : REVENUE CALCULATOR
  3. How to boost your earnings with Google Admob:

So, if you understand and like how book publishers make money, then you are on the right track with us. You too should experience it. I will show you how to get on Google’s Payroll and earn infinitely! START EARNING NOW! I like to tell people that it isn’t by MAGIC. It is built on proven-principles which are in public domain.

A Mobile App on Playstore is just like a book (e-book) in the open market with over 3 billion potential users. Like a book author who wrote the book in January 2010 and gives it to the publisher who gets it into print and to the market. Each time the publisher makes a sale of the book, he pays the author what we call ROYALTY. Even if it is sold in 2022. This could be paid monthly, annually or by milestone volumes. The author writes the book once and earns for life.

That is exactly how Google Admob works. Your market is infinite. Your earning is passive and payment is monthly. START EARNING NOW!

See how much you can earn with Google Admob : REVENUE CALCULATOR

This is just how we develop Mobile Apps for you and place on Playstore with over 3 Billion App users to install and use. Each time users of your App(s) click on an advert, Google pays you a portion between $0.5-$10 per click. Yes, some Apps have hit over 2 billion, 100 million, 10million, 5 million installs / users over time. The App users are daily earning the App owners millions and hundreds of thousands of dollars every month over time.

But to be modest here, if your App is installed by 0.003% of the 3 billion Playstore market, it means you have 100,000 installs / users. 1f only 1% of your 100,000 users are active with just one $0.5 Ads click each in a month, you have a minimum of $500 earning in that month. And the good thing is that you can boost your App install and earning more …infinitely by deploying App Install Promotions strategies.

003% of the market is making you $500 while you are free to do other things. Isn’t that a good investment? The App users and Google make money for you. Great! Google pays you from what companies have paid them to advertise their brands. Your earnings improves with more clicks. That is why we give you daily use Apps. START EARNING NOW!

Don’t take our words for it. Please, verify our claims. Read from Google’s official page. and videos below. You can see Apps with tens of millions of installs. This keeps growing with time as people get value for the App installs.


  1. Open a new GMAIL account for this purpose. I might have to access it. Use it to open a Google Admob Account.
  2. Watch video to see HOW TO OPEN A GOOGLE ADMOB ACCOUNT
  3. Copy the Admob Advert IDs ( App ID, Banner, Interstitial and Native ) and send to us on
  4. You will be required to pay the Mobile App Development Fee START EARNING NOW!
  5. We will develop, configure and publish your Earning App on Google Playstore to earn you money in 5-12days
  6. Get your Earning App here now and follow our guide to earning massive passive income monthly
  7. Please note that the App will keep earning you money every month. Your earning can be boosted by Ads promotion
  8. This is a very good time to start. 21st is way ahead of us. Contact Us Now:

Below are images of earnings from current App owners. You to want to join them and start earning massive passive income with Google Admob.


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