Join the hundreds of investors who earn between 5-7.5% returns on their investment every 27th day of the month.

Each investment tenure lasts for 7 months after which 110% of the capital will be paid finally to the investor.

GOLD | N100,000 – N499,999 | 5% Monthly

DIAMOND | N500,000 – N999,999 | 6% Monthly

PLATINUM | N1,000,000 – N10,000,000 | 7.5%

Your interest can we withdrawn to straight to your account as well as for purchases on our website. Please, note that all interests are automatically paid out on the 27th day of the month while the capital remains until the expiration of the 7-month investment tenure when we pay out 110%.

All funds are securely invested in time-tested projects, businesses and portfolios.

Kindly note that this investment is not a bet-rich-quick program, neither is it meant for those who “overnight-millionaire dreamers’.

We are investing clients’ resources in order to expand and develop our existing businesses lines to meet the current and future demand. So, we are factual and modest in our promises. These real businesses have their maturity time and this we have put into consideration as for monthly payout.

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