Yes, you must have heard that there is so much in ICT and how that Mobile App Developers are making so much money “doing nothing”.

Wealthcome! I am an ICT Professional. Life Coach and Serial Entrepreneur with a major in Human Capital Development, Business Optimization and Automation as well as Systems Security. EGAICO is one of our numerous projects. My name is Gideon Oluwalana. Please, come along.

Back to our subject. Take a good look at the image below, read on and come back to see it again to understand it better. It is no magic but strategy.

If I may ask, are the likes of Mark Zukerberg of Facebook, Aliko Dangote, Gideon Oluwalana of EGAICO and Bill Gate “doing something” as compared to what we earn?

It is simple! Each of us came up with an idea that solves problems of numbers and we built systems around it. It is a game of providing what is needed and making it available for a large number of people. That is the way to wealth now! Provide valuable digital solutions with global accessibility.

The bulk of income for most App developers isn’t in what clients pay us for the jobs / works we do. Our bulk is from passive income generated by people / traffic who use the valuable digital solutions we offer.

So, you wonder how you can make money from this since you are not a Developer or Techy person. Relax, we are here to we help you make some good money? We will develop mobile Apps and put them on Playstore for you. As more people install and use your Mobile App, Google pays you.

Mobile App Earnings are in 3 Major sources:


You use Mobile Apps for free and see adverts pop-up. Weither you click or avoid the adverts, the App owner makes some good money. This earning option often applies when you offer your Mobile App to be used for FREE. Several companies pay Google to advertise their brands. Google shows this adverts at controlled frequency to as many people who use your Mobile App. These video or image adverts are displayed at controlled intervals as small banners, full screen interstitial, Game Rewards or Native Apps.

How To Earn From Adverts

a. Impressions: Google pays you the App owner between $7-$20 for every 1,000 impressions of adverts across your App, depending on location and type of advert. This means if 1,000 users view an average of 3 adverts each in a day, you will earn 3 times of $7-$20 in a day. $21-$60 daily means $330-$1860/month. Wow! The more users, the more money.

b. Clicks: This is the most rewarding part of Advert earnings. Google pays you between $0.35 and $15 for each click on any advert that shows up on your Mobile App used on the users’ Mobile device. If each day, you have just 100 clicks of a an average of $0.5 Cost Per Click Advert, that converts to $50 per day and $1,500 per month.


This applies to App functions that are NOT FREE / Premium Apps. You make people pay to use some functions of your App. E,g a monthly subscription, download / access fee, charges for Premium features, remove ads version, upgraded versions etc. This can earn you a whole lot more than you can imagine.


  1. Open a new Gmail account and activate your Admob Account. Click for guide.
  2. Add an App to your Admob Account. Watch video
  3. Add Ad Units to the Mobile App Watch Video here
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