It’s Evolutionary! It’s Global! It’s an All-Inclusive Community!

Ever thought of a social network that affords you the leisure of networking to socialize, equip and transact in one piece? Yes, you have it now! Your dream online community is now here. affords you this and more. I therefore welcome you to the first, best and most robust social network with an awesome all-inclusive feature. Ranging from friendship, socialization, portfolio, groups, forums, blogs, marketplace etc. EGAICO has it all, wrapped in one package.

Information gives you a leverage over your contemporaries. Access the secrets needed to be successful in various aspects of life such as finance, health, relationships, education, travels, business, parenting, religion and the likes on our e-library. Our e-library is loaded with over 12,000 freemium and premium e-resources. And what’s more, you get to earn points by referring people to the site to benefit of these insightful materials, thereby making some cash for yourself. Wow! Interesting right?

Asides from connecting with people of common interest groups and forums, showcasing your skills, services, portfolios…the global market place on Egaico makes it possible for you to shop from any part of the world and your goods gets delivered in target time. You also get to advertise your goods and services!

Are you a writer? There is a space for you on Egaico. You can own a blog where you share your thoughts to the public.

Wouldn’t you rather join the train that affords you the liberty to do so much on a singular site, rather than switching severally?

Connect, discuss, be informed, meet friends, blog, shop, advertise, make money all on one social network. Hop in now!

It’s engaging, it’s rewarding, it’s the real deal.…The real deal social network!

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