Become the owner of mobile Apps on Playstore and earn a residual monthly income of $200 or more from Google. This money is what Google Admob pays you as a portion of what they bill their clients for advertising to people who use your App. With this App, you can earn $5-20 for every 1,000 advert views and $0.5-10 for every click on the advert.

As at Nov. 2020, Google had paid out $389 billion as earnings to Mobile App owners across the globe. Started in 2007 but now affordable for many. Google is seeking more platfroms to manage the volume of adverts that they receive. Get an app and get paid.

What You Get:

  1. We develop and configure The Mobile App with your unique Admob Codes for earnings
  2. Uploading of the App to Google Playstore
  3. Installation of 200 users on your App. Ungoing Promo is 1,000 users (ends March 10). You can request for a boost of users at pocket-friendly cost.

Do This To Start Earning Now:

  1. Open a new Gmail Account. Must have never been used with Admob or Adsense
  2. Then go to with your email signed in
  3. Follow these steps
  4. Send me the required details to

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