Everything rises and falls on Leadership. A generation, family or institution goes as far as its leadership lid. One primary purpose of leadership is to see, communicate and help followers navigate into the preferred future, an expected end. Leadership is about taking people to take their leadership future.

Evolutionary Leadership is forward looking. It is visionary. What  you see as a leader is where you can get the people to. GOD wouldn’t allow the 10 spies and all who were implicated by believing their report to lead the younger into a victim and prey future. He entrusted the children to Joshua and Caleb for the future they saw. Like Abraham, are you looking above and afar off, as far as your eyes can see or you are embellishing the Glories and festering the wounds of yesterday? Leaders go ahead. What do you see?  Like Joseph, what you see sends you ahead. So did Joshua and Caleb. GOD counts on the vision of men, their imagination to give them an inheritance in Glory.

Arise and Shine!  I will do a new thing saith The LORD! Trust GOD to heal the wounds and surpass the glories known in all ramifications. If you have ever seen anything called Glory, make it a seed for that which is about to be revealed in and through you.

For this to happen, you must get ready to EVOLVE. Yes! Do not be at ease in Zion. Rather, travail for something new and you will surely bring forth with joy and singing. We go from strength to strength, everyone of us who appears in Zion. Be forward looking. Redeem the past, seize the moment and take the future.

Our world is here today because of yesterday’s leadership. And it will be tomorrow where today’s leadership offers. Now, my question to you is Will you wait for things to happen to you and others or take the bull by the horn to make things happen?

It is time to redeem the past and seize the moment and create the future. I enjoin you to join our MENTORS NETWORK on www.egaico.com. You will have access to valuable resources to build and release your mentorship  grace and possibly build a career as a Life Coach. I AWAIT YOU THERE!


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