Official Note….. Listen up to avoid been scammed.

I know you also want to make good money online but I must be quick to tell you that that as much as there are several legitimate rewarding ways to that online, there are so many people who cry and get heartbroken.


Yes, even with Google Admob because they want cheap quick money.

They pay for illegal SELF CLICK Apps. Self click violates Google Policy. It often turns out a waste it time and energy.

So, I have freely shown you How to make money from admob without getting banned.

Please, avoid Self clicking. I don’t develop Self Click.

If you have been planning to do self click, don’t waste your time.
Most people don’t get away with it. They click as much as $1000 dollars and Google ends up banning their Apps.

They’ll keep on Limiting your ads and blocking your account.

Stop telling your friends to click on your ads. It’s also against
Google policy

Google is not stupid to allow one Email and devices to be clicking
on ads.

Google already knows the types of PHONE your using….and knows
your Ip address, telling your friends to help you click on ads is
not adviceable.

I will develop quality app for you and integrate to SDK then
publish it in on Google playstore



Listen to this article
Listen to
this article
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